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[Owner] Furanku The LeaderHello everyone here is your April Fallen Lords update.

We started Albion online, we are in Forest Cross and Lymhurst. We have constructed a T6 Island with most of the building at either Grandmaster or Elder level. The Chapter is lead by very own Furanku, with support from Hallmake and Poplar. Currently most leadership is taking a step back due to the gaming going free to play that caused major lag throughout the game world. However, rest assured we will be active.
7 days to die has become the fallback game for most of the FL group. Syndicate a.k.a Tony is running not only 7 days to die server for us but also our teamspeak server.
ECO is slowly becoming poplar and we have created a ECO server for everyone to play on as well. It’s a more complicated Minecraft game. The server info is [link] and the password is : FLords
We have a new chapter leader named “Valhall” a.k.a James. He is leading our ESO (elder scrolls online) division. He’s doing a great job and if able congratulate him. GOOD JOB!!!! JAMES!!
We have bought the guild house package for Crowfall and are looking forward to Camelot Unchained.
We held our first raffle since the return of Fu. We raffled off a $20.00 worth of Albion gold to the guild. Our first raffle winner is Kelj! Congratulations!
Lastly, we have succumbed to using Discord, however! We are still using teamspeak as our preferred VOIP service. Discord will be our information hub next to our website. It will be more for rapid information and chatting among all chapters. Below you’ll find the permanent link to the discord channel.

Fallen Lords Misses everyone and wishes all our international and national members a safe and happy April!

[Owner] Furanku The LeaderWe have a ECO server up and running here is the information
server: [link]
password: FLords
[Owner] Furanku The LeaderQuick update:
Albion: So far the game has not stablized yet. However, we do still plan on playing. We are simply waiting for the new comer rush to end. It is just too much for people at this time.
ESO: Our chapter head, James (aka. Valhall) is doing well. He has plans to dominate the pvp aspect of ESO. Join him now :)
Community: Some of us are playing 7 days to die to have fun.
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[Owner] Furanku The Leader[link]
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[Owner] Furanku The Leader  created a new thread 4/9/2019 - Returned. in the News & Announcements forum
[Owner] Furanku The LeaderA little guild woot.
[Owner] Furanku The LeaderI have reactived the donations part of the website. You are welcome to donate to the guild if you'd like. No pressure, no requests. If we begin to raise money I'll once again start doing raffles like the old days.
[Owner] Furanku The LeaderExphilia's family member is going through some serious cancer situations. Our Prays are with his family and him.
Everyone share your best wishes for our fellow FL member.
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[Owner] Furanku The LeaderBefore I take a 3 hour nap.

The Albion Chapter will be going through an over-haul for the next 17days. I plan on cleaning up the chapter to be more like an FL Chapter, instead of a way to past time. So I'll be adding ranks to the actual guild, I've made a forum here for everyone already. I'll setup an actual chain of command and push for the end-game achievements.

My overall goal is conquer Lymhurst. That's my first milestone.
Doing this requests teaching PvP and GvG tactics to new and older player's. This is also means completing more random dungeon runs.
When I have more time I'll make a lengthy post regarding my vision and the steps we'll be taking to achieve my vision.
Just a reminder as well; everyone is welcome to share to their thoughts and opinions. I'm open-minded.
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