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[Owner] Furanku The LeaderPlaying 7 day's to die.
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[Owner] Furanku The LeaderAlright the revamping SHALL BEGIN!
[Owner] Furanku The LeaderI have off work on Saturday I am going to try and revamp and organize the site so its updated from 7 years ago. Sorry I'm a bit lazy all.
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[Owner] Furanku The LeaderThe rise of fallen lords....maybe?
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[Owner] Furanku The LeaderI've been talking to Syndicate and he's been talking about having a server for Conan Exiles, anyone interested?
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[Owner] Furanku The LeaderI now have my computer back and almost up and running. Once I am done doing a full update and a transfer over to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I'll probably be good to go on almost any MMORPG. Otherwise, if my update doesn't go as plan I'll make a trip over to Microcenter and pick up a OME of Windows 10. :p anyway I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you all.
[Owner] Furanku The LeaderWell hot damn I have a computer once again. I am getting things together but as of right now I am playing some Arc Survival on the Nintendo Switch. I am looking into a good PC game to get into again and..... Well I miss you all much love and I hope we are all reunited soon.
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[CFLOFF] sYndicate C. Officer  Well let me know if you have an ideas for a PC game!
[Owner] Furanku The LeaderIt has been 6 years since I last posted here. I have updated the website and relinked us to this website. I hope to get Fallen Lords back on its feet and I hope to have everyone back together and having fun like we used to. I know the holidays are coming up and I hope everybody has a good holiday enjoy themselves.
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an ArcheAge emulator has opened for closed testing!! just have to register on their forum and show that you posted in facebook or some other social media site. they have limited accounts left so better hurry if you're interested!!
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[CFLOFF] sYndicate C. Officer  Finally some word about ArcheAge!
[CFLVOF] Nerf V. Officer  Well, it was fun while it lasted. looks like Trion shut them down already lol.. Sorry to get your hopes up though! I should have posted the accounts so anyone could have played a day or so.
[CFLVOF] Nerf V. Officer  I'll say the engine and combat felt very smooth. I just wish Trion would say something about ArcheAge, I wonder why there has been ZERO news about it since July.. It is taking way too long to localize this, if they wait too long games like upcoming Wildstar, ESO and Everquest Next are going crush them.
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