The History of Fallen Lords

[Owner] Furanku aThe Leadero posted Sep 17, 12

The Origin:

In the Fall of 1998 in the wake of the vast murderous destruction near the city of Britiana a guild was formed to unite the worlds most experienced murders into a common goal, "Destruction to the Blues". At the head of this murderous group Dracus, he lead what we would be known as the strongest guild of Ultima, Fallen Lords. As time pasted the group had more and more falling into its ranks and soon reached over hundreds of members.  During 2000 Fallen Lords had conquer all of Yew, Minoc, Vespa and many regions of Ultima. During this time the First Generation Leader Dracus died, and the guild's second generation leader Dark ONE, took over and the guild pushed forward after the lost of its leader, Dark One had to fight to keep control of Fallen Lords which for him was  easy and the guild thrived.


In the Summer of 2000 the ANTI wars began. A Legion of Heroes banded together to stop the progression of Fallen Lords in what resulted as the Great ANTI Wars. For a long six months the Fallen Lords were met by the anti's at every dungeon, city, island and even in their own homes. Dark One Lead the army strong and in the middle of the war Galad - The looter was suggested to start a ERT (Emergency Response Team). ERT became the most feared, and deadly arm of Fallen Lords including members such as "Ooji - the Lord", "Swampthing", "Habib", "Warmonger" and many more. Ooji and Galad become best of friends and for years fought together in the wastelands, ice covered fields, and creepy unlit dungeons fighting against all and any that dear challenged them.


In 2001 the second generation leader of Fallen Lords retired and was given to Galad the third generation leader. In his leadership (short as it was) he formed some of the strongest teams within the guild. He also gathered more members then ever previously gained.  Through his hard work he created a democracy within the guild for voting and choosing leaders in the future and in Fall of 2001, the first elected leader of Fallen Lords was chosen "Ooji".  Ooji within his short time in the guild earned Respect, Trust and became Fallen Lords Greatest Guild Leader.


In two years Fallen Lords Grew into a massive world wide guild. Having a Foothold in every server within the game world with Ooji at its head. The members entered' the guild are within the thousands. In Winter of 2003 Galad a long standing Member of Fallen Lords, left Ultima Online due to increasing discontent of how Eagames was changing the game. He felt that when the game started going more item based instead of skill based the game was over for him and he bid his long time friends of 5 years good bye.


Galad aka Furanku Started Fallen Lords Gaming Community in Winter of 2003 and has went from games such as EverQuest Online, Eve Online, Age of Conan Online, Final Fantasy Online, City of Heroes/Villains,  and so many more. Fallen Lords Gaming has become a huge Gaming Community since then and even today Furanku is leading Fallen Lords Gaming and helping it evolve into something more every year.


Fallen Lords Today.

I believe that Fallen Lords Gaming Community is a way to meet some good future friends who share the same interests. In every chapter that we have started, dating back to Eve Online Launch to Age of Conan Launch met some people I call my friends and I talk to on an active basis. I am sure you could find some new friends here as well so sign up! And don’t worry, if you’re not a player killer, we will accept you too.


Today Fallen Lords is expanding throughout different MMO games such as Tera Online, Starwars TOR and even Wakfu! If you are interested in joining a chapter just look up where we are and contact that Leader or officer.


Who am I?

I am Fu (otherwise known as Galad the Looter), one of the founders of Fallen Lords, and the third generation leader of the Fallen Lords guild in UO. I was once the most feared and loathed thief of UO. In my time during Fallen Lords’ beginning chapter, I met some of the best people I have had a chance to meet. To this day I still talk to some of the old UO people and some I even call my close friends.


Who are the Fallen Lords?

We are gamers, just like you. Some of us are hardcore; some of us play a couple hours on the weekend or even once every couple of weeks. We come from all walks of life and some (most) of us have lives, jobs and kids. We are not nerds behind a computer in a dark room (mother’s basement). Well, not all of us anyway.